About Sunao Gilbert

The ability of functional medicine to look beyond the symptoms and offer real lifelong solutions is why I’m so passionate about medicine now. I have been practicing medicine now for over 17 years as a board-certified emergency physician; consequently, I understand that our current system of medicine offers Band-Aid solutions for your problems. Instead of looking for the root cause and treating the source of your medical condition, our current system offers medications or surgery instead. Most often, what follows is a journey towards worsening health. The emphasis in functional medicine is looking for the origin of the issue and nourishing the most fundamental aspects of your health. These aspects include, but are not limited to, your quality of sleep, digestion, nutrition, stress management, relationships, pain, genetics and exercise. In working with each of my clients, I use my medical expertise and clinical acumen, to guide, coach and cheer you to achieve the vision of you, held in your heart. Together we will make this vision a reality.