Have you had enough of your own negativity?

Often times, we feel our dissatisfaction with life is due to external factors. But no matter where we move or who we remove, that unhappiness is still there lingering, because it is, in fact, an inside job. Focusing on perceived problems can create a scarcity mentality and infuse all aspects of our life with negativity. When one perceived problem is solved, we just move on to the next and the next and the next, never stopping to appreciate what we have and how good it is, even with ""imperfections"".

This is largely due to the social norm of using complaining as currency to seem interesting, relatable, and unthreatening. We suffer together to feel connected and worry that we might come off as too intimidating if we do not share our struggles and feel pressured to justify our worth to the world. So we need a lot of help learning how to simply receive, as well as how to allow what is wonderful and fulfilling to actually penetrate us.

To remove yourself from this cycle, try the 15-second rule: anytime something exciting happens, close your eyes for 15 seconds and set off emotional fireworks to program your attention around the fact that it actually happened, without moving onto the next thing that hasn’t yet happened.

And also, try to say thank you when someone compliments you! You deserve a little praise!

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